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Specifically as A DATA CONTRIBUTOR, I agree to:

Provide metadata for each set of data collected and derived, including appropriate acknowledgments.
Provide verification of data quality according to the adopted standard method or recommended protocol.
Make the data available to ATTO collaborators as fast as possible; laws indicate data should be make publicly available within 6 months. The only exceptions are for data needed for student theses - these should be made public within 6 months after the thesis defense.

As a DATA USER, I agree to:

Inform the researcher who contributed the data about how I intend to use data before I start using it; if the data are not public, I agree to communicate with the data provider so that they can contribute scientifically to any research product.
Recognize the data by citing the relevant DOI or article(s), and acknowledging ATTO support.
To not forward downloaded data to third parties.
That data which where collected as part of a dissertation are granted specific protection and might not be freely available in special cases.